About Us

Hola mis amores!

We are Lulu and Andrea; two Oaxacan American sisters, daughters of immigrants and founders of Cabronas4theWorld.

We started this brand to bridge the gap of misrepresentation and/or lack of representation of Indigenous Womxn in our Latinx community. 

Andrea and I were raised by a single mother who singlehandedly raised us regardless of the taunts she constantly received for "needing a man" or  nasty comments that she wouldn't be able to raise us without a husband.

Our goal is to break misogynistic tradition, by eliminating the stigma behind being a "Cabrona". In our culture, Men are glorified as Cabrones (badass) and our Womxn shunned for being "Cabronas" (bitches). 

Cabronas are BAD ASS BITCHES, not just bitches. 

Thank you for choosing us! Stay Strong Cabronas.